Adidas Predator X Champions League White/Blue

Rich Bootroom September 13, 2010 0
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With the Champions League group stages starting up this week, now is a good time to see the boots that a lot of Adidas’ Predator contracted players will be wearing – namely the Adidas Predator X Champions League boot.

The Champions League version of the Predator X is a smart styled boot which as you can see in the pictures is mainly white, with blue highlighting. The Predator Strike zone also sports the Champions League ‘stars’ symbol which looks really smart on the top of this boot.

Tech wise, the boot remains the same as the other Predator X boots in the range, so you still get that fantastic blend of power and swerve. The power comes from the powerspine of the boot, which ensures that no power is los through the boot when striking the ball, so your shots remain hit hard!

The swerve comes from the rubber-sillicon upper of the boot, which combined with the full grain leather means that whether you want a swerving pass or shot, or just close control you will get it!

The Predator X Champions League costs around £120, you can check out the prices of the boot on the right of the page.


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