Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 ‘LVL UP’

The ‘LVL UP’ Special Edition takes the Mercurial to a whole new level

The Nike Mercurial has been with us since 1998, and although being over 20 years old as an original model, it’s safe to say it has definitely kept up with the latest football boot trends over those 20 years.

Heading in to 2019, Nike have decided to reflect those years and all the successful colourways that have come through the Mercurial line up into this ‘LVL UP’ special edition boot, containing flashes of colour from at least 25 previous boots of Mercurial heritage on top of the shining white boot.

This iconic boot is worn by some iconic players, including Ronaldo, Mbappe and ladies footballer Sam Kerr.

We’re a big fan of the look of the Nike Mercurial LVL UP and think you should be too!

[dfrcs name=”superfly level”]

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